ULMWP presents petition to FMM

The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) has handed in its petition to the Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM) of the MSG Leaders� Summit 2015 yesterday.

The petition of 115,000 signatures not only had Indigenous Papuans but also includes Indonesians as well with regards to the application submission to MSG after being given Observer Status.
Speaking during a press conference with the local media at the Heritage Park Hotel yesterday, Leonie Tangahma made clear that those who have signed the petition are well aware of the penalties but have gone along with the support.

�All of whom have signed this petition � all 115,000 we have now, are aware of the penalties and consequences that come attached with it, and we are grateful and are in fact very proud to have such a large amount of not only Papuans, but Indonesians as well, support the petition.� She said.
International Spokesperson of the United Liberations Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), Benny Wenda, also strongly added on the note that having a make up of Indonesians also supporting ULMWP�s petition speaks volumes considering the amount of knowledge behind the �just over� five decade sensitive issue of West Papua.

�� We do not have a total number of 115,000 signatures that are all indigenous Papuans, we even have Indonesians who too have signed the petition as well to make up the total. This goes to show that we too have considerate support from Indonesians who too have also put in their signatures, and this tells us the ULMWP, that we have support outside our own indigenous people in Indonesia,� said Benny Wenda.

Speaking to Franzalbert Joku, a former Journalist, an indigenous Papuan and a member of the Indonesian delegation last night, he stated that the Indonesian Delegation would not have any say in what the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) has stated in their Press Conference with the local media yesterday that Indonesians too have also signed the petition which was presented at the Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM) yesterday by the group.

�What the ULMWP has presented, the Indonesian Delegation would not have any say in whatsoever as that we are only here to witness the decision of the MSG Leaders,� said Franzalbert Joku.
The Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM) commenced yesterday and will continue throughout today at the Heritage Park Hotel.

Source : http://theislandsun.com
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